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Resolving data contracts shared between multiple WCF services with SvcUtil

If you’re using the SvcUtil.exe tool to generate proxies for WCF services, before long you may hit a problem where the same data contract shared between two services results in a compiler error at the client. You could just specify … Continue reading

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TDD and the Red-Green-Refactor approach

We’re all familiar with the term test-driven development now, but it seems a lot of developers still aren’t using it in their normal daily routine. TDD has been in circulation since 2003 or earlier, and has probably been mainstream since … Continue reading

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Generating WCF service proxy classes using SvcUtil

There are various ways to make calls to a WCF service from client code but this particular example uses the Microsoft svcutil.exe proxy generation tool. This is most appropriate when you want to consume a third party service and don’t … Continue reading

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Keeping domain models and view models separate with ASP.NET MVC and WCF

The location, role and responsibility of objects within a software system is a common topic in the forums with plenty of disagreement about what is and isn’t correct. But first, let’s just define some commonly found objects and their roles: … Continue reading

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