I have been developing software commercially since 1997. Over the years I’ve worked with Visual C++, Embedded C++, Managed C++, C#, SQL Server, WPF, WCF, classic ASP, ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Fluent NHibernate, EntityFramework, NServiceBus, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Backbone, NAnt, PowerShell, NuGet, npm, Gulp, Bower, TeamCity, NUnit and Moq. I currently develop SPA web applications in Angular 2, TypeScript, Web API and anything else that gets thrown into the mix.


4 Responses to About

  1. Hi Phil,

    I am the CEO of a smart software company based just outside Woking. We specialise in high-end Microsoft .Net e-commerce solutions with a number of financial services customers. We have just won a number of new clients and are looking for the right candidate to increase our team. We have just celebrated 25 years in business and have some very clever people already.

    Your name was mentioned to me as someone who might fit in well so I thought you might be interested in a discussion. If that is not the case I apologise for the intrusion and wish you well.

    Either way please let me know that you received this.

    All the best

    Alistair Hancock
    Rubicon Software Ltd

  2. Phil Munro says:

    Hi Alistair. No not at all, I appreciate you dropping me a message and sorry for not getting back sooner. Unfortunately as luck would have it I have literally just started with another company in London this week. It’s a shame because I was considering Woking as a location to work in because it’s only 20 mins away on the train but the agencies weren’t coming up with any good companies (that’s agencies for you).

    So I’m sorry about that – just bad timing. Obviously if this company isn’t right for me I’ll get back in touch if that’s OK.


  3. Ruban Siva says:

    Hi Phil,
    Good Article on service behaviours, wanted to grab the code but looks it’s all images 🙂 so have to just resort to non lazy ways 🙂
    Btw, we worked togther at Dealogic for a while so was interesting when I saw your name come up.

  4. Phil Munro says:

    Hey Ruban, nice to hear from you. Yeah the screenshots are actually by design to reduce people copying my code and palming it off as their own post, and to make sure my examples are code that actually compiles. So more typing for you I’m afraid 😉

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