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Creating a WCF service proxy with ChannelFactory<T>

Before going into the details of using ChannelFactory, if you are not familiar with service proxies (or have used them but don’t understand why they’re important) here’s a little bit of background. When a client application makes a call to … Continue reading

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Unit-testing Asynchronous Events

Once in the realm of asynchronous calls, we have no guarantee of which thread or precisely when an event handler might be called, which makes testing asynchronous events that much more difficult. As a result it makes the test shown … Continue reading

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One-way WCF operations are not asynchronous

It’s easy to assume that service operation contracts marked as one-way are asynchronous but that’s not the case (there’s a phrase about assumptions which springs to mind). [OperationContract(IsOneWay=true)] void KeepAlive(string userId, string sessionId); A good example of when you might … Continue reading

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